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FJC Sisterhood

This is not your Grandmother's Sisterhood!

FJC is forming a Sisterhood! This group would primarily be a social group who, in concept, would be like the moms and grandmoms of the congregation. It is NOT a community service group, nor is it the Sunshine Committee, and it is not a group that would be responsible for any part of the current programs and activities FJC has. Ideally the Sisterhood will be making connections with all aspects of our community through social activities that they come up with based on things they enjoy doing. Ideas include: going out for a wine tasting, coffee at a local café, lunch out, teaching members/children to make bread and working with the Community Outreach Committee to donate that bread, and working with the religious school children to create and make their own kippot.

Ultimately, the way we see it, these women will form a strong maternal community within FJC and can become the extended family for our children and younger families who do not have a strong Jewish family in the area by doing activities in that role.

If this is something you would be interested in participating in, please contact us at

FJC Bookclub

A great time discussing a good book!  Join Us. The most recent book club meeting was Sunday, December 11. We shared favorite cookbooks. Even if you don't have a chance to read the book, we hope you'll join us for an enjoyable discussion. 

A note from the Community Outreach Committee:

Monthly - Friday Shabbat food collections for Fauquier and Culpeper food banks; Seasonally - Collections of good used clothing to be given away to those in need. 

Help us develop some Community Outreach programs for this coming year. We know that everyone has different interests, abilities and time restraints, but we hope you will join in. We believe that as we work together to make a difference in our larger community, FJC will become an even closer and holier congregation!

A note from the Sunshine Committee chair, Nancy Lagasse: Having been on the receiving end of the goodness and kindness of so many of you after my surgery, I realized how important it is for our group to continue being not only a community, but a family. Thus, I've asked to take over the responsibilities of the Sunshine Committee. How wonderful it is to GIVE BACK! Please feel free to contact me with any event that you feel might need attention or recognition. My e-mail address is I can also be reached by leaving me a message at (540) 219-5868.